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What is Offerbox?

Offerbox is a platform that helps businesses to quickly sell products on their websites and persuade customers to buy from their online store.

Offerbox will reveal your discounts and promotions that are hidden behind a little floating button on every page, making them visible to your visitors at all times. Customers will not miss out on discount coupons because they will be able to simply browse through the best deals on your internet site. You may increase your website's conversion rate and income by using Offerbox.


  • Customizable, mobile-friendly display 
  • Surface coupon codes in your Offerbox 
  • Improve cart conversion rates with free shipping offers
  • Define upsell offers with add to cart buttons
  • Schedule & automate offers

Offerbox can be installed on any website. See the Installation guide to get started.

Last Updated: July 28, 2021