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Adding an Offer

Adding a promotion to Offerbox is straightforward. In consideration of eCommerce company trends, we designed a standardized approach for you to promote your deals.

  1. To add an offer, go to the "Offers" tab and click "Add Offer."

    Add Offer

  2. To begin, upload or choose a promotional image for your offer. Customers are more likely to pay attention to your deals if you use images. You can, however, create and offer without using an image.

  3. Add a "title" and a description of the "requirement" for this offer to be unlocked in your business.
    "FREE SHIPPING", "for orders above $100", etc.

    Editing Offers

  4. You can even provide a "time notice" to add to the urgency. Please remember to include any promo codes that clients will need to apply throughout the checkout process.
    "Use Code: FREESHIP," for example.

  5. Finally, if there is one, include a link that will bring visitors to the page where this deal may be located. Otherwise, leave it blank. Only the query can be added; the entire link is not required.
    "/collections" is an example.

Last Updated: July 29, 2021